Relax an enjoy the ride

For my last and final blog the one thing I want people to leave with is RELAX AND ENJOY CollegeTHE RIDE! You only get this time once in your life so make the most of it! You will make so many memories in college that you never were able to do in high school and more importantly you will meet some of your best friends in college and on your sports team! Also get involved and get connected by your coaches, teachers, facility members, etc. Make this the best time of your life and while your at it you might as well break some school records and make a name for yourself on your college sports team!


Make the most of your downfalls

There will come a time when you will question whether or not it’s worth being a college athlete an also there will come a time when your performance won’t be what you expected it to be. But with those downfalls and times of questioning it will only help strengthen the person you are suppose to become and also it will show you how much of a passion you have for the sport that you play. When people get to college they sometimes realizepositive attitude that the passion they once had isn’t there anymore or there simply burned out of the sport. Don’t be discouraged by this instead let this be  stepping stone for you!

Avoid injuries

dont get injuredTry to avoid injuries as much as you can. Especially the summer before you go to college. It is crucial that you are in good shape before you go to college because you want to prove to your coach that you deserve a position on the field/court. Make sure to eat right and to also stay hydrated and eat the right food to keep your muscles strong an healthy for season. It’s also good to try and stay in good shape before you go to school because you don’t want to be dying when the first week of preseason comes around.

practicing or playing with the team

volleyballllOkay one important thing to remember is that even though a coach has invited you to play with the team doesn’t mean that your 100% sure going to be offered to play with the team. So with that being said you should definitely be on your best behavior and come in in good shape especially because the coach and the rest of the team will form there first opinion about you which is a big deal. Remember to be on time and to be as respectful as you can whenever you go on a visit to the school you are wanting to go to.

Signing day

Signing day is one of the most exciting days you will have as a new college athlete. It’s the day you get to celebrate with your friends, family, and even coaches who have supported you in the past. You will sign papers that will confirm that you want to play at the school that YOU have decided to commit to. Sometimes they will have cake, pizza, and even presents if you get lucky enough. Depending on what sport you play will depend on when your signing day is in which your coach will let you know when that is. Also this is a time to reflect on everything you have worked hard for and to appreciate how far you have come over the past years as an athlete. Signing day is the next big step in your collegesigning career!


Dont get lazyTHIS IS A BIG BIG BIG DEAL! Don’t let the fact that you have already taken the SAT/ACT or have been accepted into a college give you an excuse to slack off. College coaches will want to see your entire transcript and all your grades up until your last day of senior year. And also don’t let it fool you that your transcripts don’t matter because they do, sometimes they matter even more than your ACT/SAT scores. Coaches want the whole package and the last thing they want is someone who is going to slack off. Work ethic is a big deal to coaches and coaches may think if you cant even pass high school then you definitely cant pass college.

keeping track o your stats and records

statsOne thing many athletes forget to do whenever they are trying to be recruited is keeping there stats and accomplishments throughout high school and club ball. Something you want to do is show your coach all the stats you have had throughout your years of playing so they can get an idea of how you are as an athlete.  Also the better your stats are the more likely a coach will want you. Stats are also a good indication to help you keep up with how much you have progressed as time has gone on and how well you have done over the season.